Why You Should Install An Attic Fan

Living in Texas, the summers are scorching. Many homes in this state come with attics to help with ventilation and storage. Nothing is worse than having to climb up in your attic during a hot July day to get a box or remove that pesky squirrel. Don’t have a heat stroke and install an attic fan to help cool your attic and house down.

Getting a Roof Vent Helps Cool Your House Down

Why You Should Install An Attic Fan

How An Attic Fan Works

Designed to cool down the attic, a ventilation fan is installed in the roof. It circulates out the hot attic air and brings in cool air from outside. Ventilation fans help to lower the scorching 150 degree temperature of the attic by 10 degrees or more, which is a lot.

They Are Energy Efficient

Depending on the model of attic fan you get, they could cool a house down in less than an hour. A whole house fan is the most energy efficient, but ventilation fans are more commonly installed as they fit better on sloped roofs because they are smaller.

Your Asphalt Roof Will Last Longer

Asphalt roofs cannot withstand high temperatures. Without an attic fan, heat levels of up to 150 degrees could be passing through the roof from the attic. This will cause the shingles to warp and crack, shortening their lifespan and making them need repairs and replacements sooner. An attic or ventilation fan will help reduce the strain on the asphalt shingles.

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