Nothing beats the refreshing burst of cool air you feel when stepping into your home from the outdoors on a hot Texas day. When you retreat to your home from the stifling heat, that comfortable temperature you’re accustomed to is due to a properly functioning A/C unit. But if each component of your A/C hasn’t been properly taken care of, you might find yourself greeted by a home that’s just as hot as the outdoors you left. How can you keep your A/C running at optimum levels? The answer is A/C coils.

What is an A/C Coil?

There are two types of coils that make up your air conditioner system: evaporator coils and condenser coils. The evaporator coil is found indoors, located on the air intake side of the fan coil and its job is to remove heat from the air inside the home so it can return cool air into the home. This also reduces moisture and humidity within the home. Condenser coils are located outside of the home and release the captured heat into the outdoors.

Because these coils are vital in the overall cooling process, they must be cleaned routinely to ensure your air conditioning system continues to run efficiently. When these coils take in air from the outdoors, it’s easy for dust and grime to eventually be pulled in as well. This added layer of dirt will cause the entire A/C unit to work overtime attempting to cool down your house and can eventually lead to an entire system breakdown. To avoid replacing your unit altogether, your coils need to be professionally cleaned by the team at H&H Heating and Air.

Why Choose Professional Cleaning

While you might want to turn cleaning your A/C coils into a DIY project, this is a precise and lengthy process that should only be performed by experts. There are multiple benefits to getting this job done correctly by a professional team like H&H Heating and Air, including:

Lower Utility Bills 

As mentioned, when your A/C coils have an added layer of grime on top, they will have to compensate for their inefficiency and work much harder to produce the same cooling effect. By having an expert remove the dust and build-up, your A/C will work at optimal levels, and in turn, lower your energy bills. Similarly, if you’ve noticed a recent increase in your bills, an ineffective unit could be the culprit.


The lifetime of your A/C unit depends largely on how the components are maintained. When the coils in the air conditioner are not cleaned, they can increase strain on the compressor, another vital component. With important maintenance like a coil cleaning, the unit will run efficiently, for longer, without needing to replace parts all the time.

Avoid Refrigerant Leaks

A/C coils, especially the outdoor components, are exposed to all kinds of weather, pollutants, and fumes. Over time this constant exposure can lead to cracks or holes in the coils, which lets refrigerant seep out. Without refrigerant, your air conditioner will not be able to cool effectively. But professional routine checks, and maintenance of these coils will catch this issue before it progresses.

Save on Even Larger Repairs

By choosing a professional coil cleaning, you will not only help the entire A/C system run better, but it will also slow down the wear and tear on the other components. Additionally, the pieces surrounding the coils are very sensitive, and require knowledge of specific variations among products and brands. An inexperienced person working on the unit can easily cause even greater damage that will require large repair bills. Call the pros first and rest easy knowing your family and home are safely taken care of.

At H& H Heating and Air, we’ve been in the heating and cooling business for more than 20 years. We have experience in HVAC repairs, coil cleaning and more and have expert solutions for every budget. Give us a call today to see how we can help to make your home even more comfortable.