It’s the middle of summer in North Texas, and it’s another hot one. Temperatures have been breaking the triple digits and nobody wants to get caught without a working AC unit. Why do air conditioners always seem to freeze up during the hottest times of the year? There are several reasons. Your unit can get overworked trying to cool down your home, or it could need some routine maintenance to help it blow cold air again. If you’re experiencing AC problems any time of year, call H&H Heating and Air in McKinney, TX. We’ll diagnose the problem and get your home cool again in no time!

Problem 1: Low Airflow

Your air conditioning unit has a part called an evaporator coil. The AC system brings in hot, humid air from your home and delivers it to the evaporator coil, where it is cooled and then returned to your home. Without a good flow of hot air, the evaporator coil will freeze. This means the air delivered to it doesn’t get cooled, and is returned to your home while still warm.

Low airflow is primarily caused by dirty air filters. They block the airflow to the coil, the coil freezes, and suddenly your unit only blows warm air. Check your filters each month and replace them as needed. If dirty filters aren’t the problem, make sure your vents are open and your ducts aren’t blocked. Also feel for escaping air coming from the sides of the grates.

Problem 2. Low Refrigerant

Air conditioning units typically use a refrigerant known as freon. It helps cool your system to keep the evaporator coil from freezing up. When the freon level gets too low, it will stop doing its job and your unit will likely freeze up. Freon levels get depleted when there is a leak, when the unit takes damage, or during an improper installation.

If you suspect your refrigerant level is too low, call a professional like H&H Heating and Air to come recharge your unit. We can inspect your system for factory defects and other likely causes of freon leaks. Because freon is a toxic substance, you should never try to fix a leak yourself.

Problem 3. Dirty Coils

Your unit’s evaporator coil can freeze up if they become too dirty. Remember, your air conditioner doesn’t just cool the air in your home, it also dehumidifies it. The moisture and condensation that are delivered to the evaporator coil usually drain out into a drip pan. When the coil is too dirty, it won’t be able to drain the moisture fast enough, and the backed-up condensation can turn it into one big block of ice.

Having your unit regularly inspected will ensure everything is working as it should and that the coil is clean. The evaporator coil can be difficult to reach and contains lots of fragile components, so we recommend having a professional do the cleaning.

Problem 4: Fan Problems

The fan in your air conditioner pushes air through the unit and is instrumental in keeping the evaporator coil from freezing. Without the fan to deliver warm air, the coil can become covered in a layer of frost, and eventually in ice.

If your fan is damaged or the motor has run out, an AC technician can replace it for you quickly and easily. They can also increase your fan’s speed if needed to produce better cooling.

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