As humidity and heat rise in your home, it gets trapped inside your attic. From here, the sunlight beating down on the roof outdoors compounds in a warming effect. This warm air, often well over 100 degrees in the spring and summer, inevitably also causes the living spaces in your home to become much hotter than you’d like. If you’ve been dealing with a warm house and a constantly running air condition unit, an attic fan could be for you. If you’re debating on having an attic fan installed or aren’t sure about how it works and what the benefits are, this will help you decide.

How Attic Fans Work

When it comes to reducing heat in your home, and improving overall energy efficiency, attic fans are the best long-term option. They help to regulate the temperature in the area between your home and the outside world, improving total ventilation in your home. But how do they do this?

An attic ventilator or attic fan works by expelling hot air, while other fans draw in fresh air. It regulates the temperature in your attic just as your air conditioning unit regulates the air within your home to keep the temperature comfortable. By improving the air regulation, the overall efficiency that your air conditioning unit performs at will be higher too. And a better performing A/C means lower electric bills, which is especially important in the hot Texas summers.

Benefits of Attic Fans and Improved Ventilation

Now that you know a bit more about what an attic fan does for your home, you might be wondering what some of the specific benefits are to be expected after the installation of a new system.

Reduces Potential Mold Damage

Because humidity is a consistent issue for most attics in the Texas area, moisture is bound to end up inside the home. This moisture rises in the home, and inevitably gets trapped in the attic. Once inside the attic, moisture gets even warmer, festering and causing mold and mildew growth. Attic fans work to help eliminate that moisture before it causes damage to the rest of the home.

Improve the Life of Your Roof and Shingles

The roof of your house takes on the most wear and tear from winter storms, to beating sun, and heavy rainfall. Because of this, it’s vital that your roof stays in good condition to protect the rest of the home. When heat and moisture accumulate in the attic, it compromises the integrity of the shingles and roof itself. By removing the excess moisture with an attic fan, you will give your roof and shingles a stronger buffer between the elements and your home by reinforcing their sturdiness.

Decrease Room Temperature in Living Spaces

Did you know that attic fans can reduce the upper floor temperatures by an average of ten degrees? When you think about the impact that will have on the work your A/C is going, that’s huge. This added efficiency for your ventilation and A/C leads to a decrease in electric bills, by up to 30%, which is especially important in the hot summer months.

The benefits of adding an attic fan to your home extend far beyond the initial installation. Attic ventilation can help you be more comfortable in the sweaty summer months and prevent icy snow buildup in the winter. It adds a level of protection and extends the life of many vital components in any home. And those are just some of the lasting benefits of this minor adjustment that provides big results that come from professional installation. But this is a complex job and you will only see the full benefits when the attic ventilation is done by an experienced installer. If you’re ready for expert installation from friendly professionals, give us a call today!

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