When Is It Time For A New Furnace?

Photo of furnaceWith the weather steadily declining as we begin winter, you may be kicking on your furnace system to keep the house warm. What if it does not turn on? While these systems are highly useful during this time of year, we rarely attend to them during the year. They require regular inspection and replacement. But how can you tell if you need to replace your furnace?

Signs It Is Time For Furnace Replacement

  • Your Heating Bill Is Rising – When you have had a heating system a while, bills can become predictable. You know which months are more expensive and which are less. However, if you have noticed a gradual incline in your heating bill, this could mean that your furnace is working harder and wasting more energy to get your home warm.
  • Your Furnace is 15 Years Old – The older these get, the harder it has to work. This is a waste of energy for you and your home.
  • Your Furnace Talks Back – Clanging, popping, and even banging coming from your unit are not uncommon. These systems tend to make these noises when they are ready to retire.
  • You’ve Noticed It Needs Repairs, Often. – During the later half of a furnaces life, it tends to need more and more repairs. In order to prevent yourself from paying for repairs only to find you need  a new unit, take into account how much you will spend to fix it as opposed to the cost of a brand new unit.

Remember to get your annual maintenance completed for your unit to keep it ready for the winter seasons. During your inspections, your heating technician can tell you whether or not it is time for a new unit. When you need furnace inspection in McKinney, TX, call H&H Heating And Air at 972-989-7419!