Utility Savings: Monitoring Your Thermostat

saving moneyWhen it comes to utility bills, most of us will do all that we can to curb our usage and save money. Each step counts, and one of the smallest steps, your thermostat, can help you save big. Here we walk through the benefits of monitoring your thermostat and how it can help you save money each month.

Saving with my thermostat

Your thermostat can help you save the most by being scheduled to perform at optimal levels during particular times. The peak of summer, the dead of winter, and an empty house are all times when a thermostat can be set to perform at more efficient levels. Setting your thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer, around 78, and a few degrees lower in the winter, around 68, can be a huge relief to your system and your wallet. This slight adjustment in temperature can be coupled with a well placed fan or space heater, and the change is hardly noticeable!

Your thermostat can also help you save by being scheduled to perform around your lifestyle. Do you work during the week from 8-5? Or maybe you will be away this weekend. Your thermostat can be set to perform optimally around your schedule, and this is especially simple with a programmable thermostat.

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