Signs of a Bad Heat Pump

Heat PumpHeat pumps are a big component to your heating and cooling system. They are energy efficient, powerful, and productive. At H&H Heating and Air, we install and repair heat pumps in McKinney and surrounding areas. Heat pumps can lose efficiency and productivity, after prolonged use. Below are some of the signs of a bad heat pump:

Bills Increase

Energy efficiency is one of the best components of a functioning heat pump. However, a bad heat pump will eliminate that luxury very quickly. In fact, a damaged heat pump can account for a rise in your energy bills. If you have noticed that your energy bills have ascended in cost, and have done so suddenly, it might be the result of a bad pump.

Grinding Sound

A grind or shriek sound indicates a bad heat pump motor. A lack of proper lubrication can cause motors to wear down, and eventually will require a replacement. Dirt buildup is another problem that can cause motor issues. Regular maintenance on your unit is recommended.

Hissing Sound

One of the most common indicators of a bad heat pump, is the sound of hissing or whistling coming from your unit. Heating and cooling appliances make some noise at all times, but the whistling or screeching will be obvious to most ears. If you think you’ve heard that sound, contact a professional HVAC company, and have your unit inspected.

Poor Heat Distribution

If you notice that certain rooms are much warmer than others, there could be damage to your heat pump. It is generally upstairs rooms that suffer from a lack of heat distribution. Don’t let a faulty pump ruin your home’s comfort. CallĀ 972-989-7419 for heat pump repair services in McKinney and surrounding areas.