Is your air conditioner running non-stop? That might sound like a dream come true during this hot Texas summer, but an AC unit that’s constantly running is actually a sign of trouble. If your air conditioner isn’t keeping you cool enough this summer, one quick call to H&H Heating and Air can get it working again ASAP. We’ve been working on cooling, heating and ventilation systems in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 20 years. We’ve seen it all, and we know what to do!

AC problems occur when the unit can’t keep up with your home’s demand for cool air due to its age, its size, or a malfunction in the system. Sometimes the unit freezes up and won’t blow cold air at all. Other times, the unit stops cycling and just stays on. This greatly overworks the system and can cause a total breakdown — plus higher energy bills — if left unaddressed.

So What’s the Problem?

It could be one of several things. If your air conditioner is running non-stop on an unusually hot day, check to be sure it’s not just taking longer to cycle between on and off. If it is indeed running non-stop, here are some possible causes:

There is an air leak somewhere. When cool air escapes from your home, your air conditioner has to work harder and longer to keep producing more. This can cause it to never shut itself off. Check throughout your home for air leaks around windows, doors, and vents. If you find an area where air is escaping from, you should use caulk or weather stripping to seal it up.

Your air conditioner has dirty coils. This is one of the most common problems we see. AC units have evaporator coils that dry and cool the hot, humid air that comes in. Then the unit blows the cooled air into your home, and the cycle continues. If these coils get too clogged with dust and debris, they won’t cool the air efficiently. The unit will blow warm air as it works in vain to cool your home. This fix requires a professional because the coils are fragile and hard to reach.

The thermostat is set too low on a hot day. When outside temperatures soar into the triple digits, your unit might not be able to handle the demand of a thermostat set to 65 degrees. It will keep trying, but failing, to hit the target temperature. When you know it’s especially hot outside, do your air conditioner a favor and set the thermostat higher.

Your unit is too small for the job. If your AC unit is undersized, it might blow cool air but fail to cool your home as much as you’d like. If you have a new unit that was installed as a DIY project, or if your technician wasn’t diligent enough, you could need to upgrade the size of your air conditioner. 

Your system is old and needs to be replaced. Systems that are 12 years old or more, or which start to require more and more repairs each year, might simply be at the end of their life cycle.

H&H Heating and Air Can Help!

Wherever you are in the DFW Metroplex, make H&H Heating and Air your first and last call when your AC unit needs help. We take pride in our reputation for exceptional service, and we get the job done right the first time! Now serving Rockwall, Collin County, Hunt County, and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. Call today for a quote!