Gas Furnace Repair

heating unitGas furnaces use a heat exchanger, or a metal box, to keep your room warm. Inside is a pilot light, which is connected to the fuel source (such as natural gas or propane).

The pilot light is also connected to your thermostat, which is how you’re able to control the amount of heat needed at various times without having to go into the furnace.

Air enters the heat exchanger through your ductwork. After the air is heated, it blows out the other side, again through the ductwork.

Using gas to heat your home is usually less expensive than electricity, and some say that it provides a feeling of extra warmth. While furnaces generally operate well, the problems that arise might involve the thermocouple, the pilot light or a component of the electrical system.

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Furnaces 101

Frisco water towerOne of the most important things to remember when you have a gas furnace is this: If you smell gas in your house, do not try to turn off the gas leading to the furnace, and don’t turn any lights on or off. Get out of the house immediately.

You should leave the door open and then call the gas company or fire department to report a leak. Do not go back into the home for any reason until you receive the all-clear.

If you’re looking into getting a gas furnace and you don’t already have ductwork, the expense of adding it is something that should be considered. Some contractors would suggest that you install it between the floors of a two-story house, but it’s not always the best option; because heat rises, you could end up with a hot second floor and a freezing first floor.

High-efficiency condensing furnaces are more complex than conventional furnaces, because of the combustion process that is put in place. Both use gas burners with an electronic ignition, but the difference is that the condensing furnace has a more efficient heat-extracting process.

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