Capacitor Repair / Replacement

capacitorHow do you know if your air conditioner capacitor has broken down? There are common signs — the first one being that your unit has simply stopped working.

And if you inspect it outside, you might notice that it’s humming but the fan is not rotating. That’s a pretty good indicator that the problem lies with your capacitor.

The capacitor’s job is to give the fan motor a boost when it starts up. Its power is stored in electrically charged sheets of material. If it’s working properly, it will release the energy and make the fan spring into action. If it’s not doing the job, the fan won’t be able to rev up the way it should.

One of our certified technicians can quickly handle the job for you and have you back in cool comfort right away. For top-quality air conditioner capacitor repair / replacement in McKinney, call us for help!

Expert capacitor assistance

air capacitorOne good indication that your capacitor has broken down is that it looks pushed up or swollen, as if there’s too much pressure on it. One of the first steps we’ll take is to shut off the power to the unit and then discharge the power in the capacitor.

This is a job that some homeowners do themselves, but be warned that it could be dangerous. Even when the power is off, the capacitor is still storing power and can easily shock you. Also, proper attention must be paid to discarding the used equipment, as it could start a fire. We can handle all of these issues for you!

As for your new capacitor, the actual brand isn’t that important, and even though they come in different sizes, that oftentimes doesn’t matter. Even the voltage rating doesn’t have to be identical. The capacitor is one very adaptable piece of equipment!

If you have questions about capacitor repair/replacement in McKinney, Dallas, Fort Worth or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to give our team of friendly professionals a call today. We’ve been in the HVAC business for more than 20 years and are proud of the reputation we’ve earned. And remember, we’re available around the clock to help you!