Attic Fans & Ventilation

attic fanAttic exhaust fans are designed to cool hot attics by bringing in cooler air from the outside via attic vents. But if your vents are blocked for whatever reason — or the attic isn’t sealed enough from the rest of the house — the fan will suck your cool air up into the uppermost part of the house. This, of course, will make your air conditioner work harder and will lead to an increase in electric bills.

In the winter months, allowing this natural flow of air will help prevent ice dams (snow that melts from a roof that’s too warm and then re-freezes at the gutters). In the summertime, the natural air flow moves the extremely hot air out of the attic, which protects roof shingles and removes moisture.

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High-quality attic fan service

attic fan topAttic ventilation is key for making your home more comfortable, while at the same time lowering your utility bills. Why do attics get so hot? Because they’re absorbing the full power of the sun’s rays.

When this happens, your roofing material will heat up, sometimes up to temperatures of 150 degrees. This heat then travels down to your rafters and the attic itself.

When your attic gets too hot, it’s a tough proposition to keep the rest of your house cool. This is why an attic fan goes a long way to resolve these issues. But it’s not just the summer months that can create issues; at all times during the year, heat and moisture can accumulate and cause damage. A properly ventilated attic will do wonders to help remove the moisture.

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