Saving Money This Summer

The summer months are hard to get through without excessively running your A/C. When you do this though, you are raising your air conditioning bill and although you want to stay cool, you also don’t want to have to pay large amounts of money to keep yourself comfortable. There are a few practical ways that you can keep your house cool and keep your bill low if you’d like.

What To Do

Close Your Curtains – If you are running your air while you are home, that is fine, but consider closing all your curtains and blinds to keep your house as dark as possible. When you keep your house dark, the air won’t escape as fast and it will give a cooling effect that will help you not have to run your air either as low or as long.

When You Leave – When you leave the house for the day or even just to go run errands, turn your air up to between 75-78 degrees. This may seem very warm to keep it at when it is blazing hot outside, but you would be surprised how much energy it will save and the temperature is not that uncomfortable; certainly better than what it feels like outside.

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