Staying warm during the coldest parts of winter is very important, and is something that most of us take for granted. When you have a properly working furnace as part of your HVAC system, then you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the interior of your home or business will stay warm no matter how chilly it is outside. At H&H Heating and Air in McKinney, Texas, our team has spent years working with businesses and homeowners throughout the DFW Metroplex. As an industry leader in HVAC services, we understand just how important it can be to have a working furnace. If you’re not getting the same levels of heat from your system, or if there are other unexpected problems with it, then it may be time to have a replacement done so that you can make it through the winter without being stuck in the cold.

Taking care of your furnace is the best way to make sure it will last you as long as possible, but like any machine or piece of equipment, it is going to need to be maintained, and eventually replaced. To help people get a better understanding of the different signs that could indicate a need to have a furnace replaced, we decided to take some time to go over different things to look out for. 

If You Were Feeling Colder Than Usual Last Winter

It is always important to pay attention to the condition of your furnace, and if you noticed your energy costs going up last year without any clear explanation, then chances are high that your furnace may be nearing the ends of its life. Another potential signal that your furnace is simply not operating the way it used to is if the overall temperature of your home or business seemed colder than the range reported by your thermostat, a furnace near the end of its life cycle will need to be taken care of as quickly as possible so that you’re not stuck dealing with emergency repairs or the need for a replacement during the worst possible time of year.

If You are Hearing Strange Noises

Furnaces are typically a quiet system overall when they’re working properly. Even if it is an older model, there shouldn’t be any reason to be noticing loud or unusual sounds and noises coming from your furnace area. If you are noticing this type of behavior from your furnace, then its probably time to think about getting a replacement. Depending on the severity of the noises you are hearing, you may even want to deactivate your furnace immediately and ask an experienced professional to look at your equipment.

If the Temperatures Keep Changing

One of the most troubling things about a furnace that is not operating properly is that the temperature could be inconsistent. If you notice that you aren’t changing the temperature on your furnace but things feel too warm one day then too cold the next day, then chances are high that something is wrong with your equipment, and you’ll need to think about getting a replacement quickly.

If Your Equipment Has Been Repaired Too Many Times

An experienced HVAC Technician can do quite a few things to try and keep your furnace working for as long as possible. If the service visits have started to become frequent though, then it could be a clear sign that you’re better off replacing your equipment instead of trying to repair it over and over. Repairing old equipment may seem like a way to save time and money, but if you are paying for multiple visits over a short period, then your expenses could be spent more effectively on new equipment.

Ask H&H Heating and Air to Take Care of Your Furnace

If you’re thinking about having your furnace replaced, or if you need to find out what it will take to get started, then you shouldn’t have to feel lost. Contact our team of experienced technicians at H&H Heating and Air as soon as possible, and we will schedule a convenient time to inspect your equipment and work with you to form an effective plan.