Putting the customer first

air conditionerIn a column on the website for The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News, writer Butch Welsch talked about what should happen when a problem arises that is not really a contractor’s fault, but stems from the manufacturer instead. 

“As manufacturers attempt to stretch the envelope and find a ‘better mousetrap,’ in many cases, their innovation turns out to be a major industry problem,” Welsch writes. “Again, the issue for us, as contractors is how we handle the problem.”

When it comes to the customer, “we have to take responsibility. We have to determine the source of the problem and move as quickly as possible to solve it. This does not mean hiding behind the fact that the problem is really a manufacturing problem. The customer bought the equipment from us, because of us, and they expect us to back up our installation and the products installed.”

But behind the scenes, “it then becomes our responsibility to deal with the particular manufacturer who is having the problem,” he adds. “I firmly believe the person(s) who cause a problem are the ones who should be financially liable for solving the problem.”

That’s why it’s important for contractors to have a good working relationship with their suppliers, Welsch writes.

“Remember,” he says, “our responsibility is to take care of the customer first and foremost, and then, in the background, work out the financial solution with our suppliers. It’s during this background work that the relationship you’ve developed with your supplier will show its value.”