Improve Air Quality for a Better Winter

It’s still winter in most of the U.S., and people are trying to stay indoors where it’s warm. The longer you have to stay in and breathe that air, the more you notice the quality. Improve air quality for a better winter indoors with a few tips.


Blue Air Moving Through House

Improve Air Quality for a Better Winter.

Clean your vents. Your HVAC system blows warm air through those vents and registers. Over time, they get dusty. People often neglect to clean them. However, when you’re indoors trying to stay warm, clean them to promote better, cleaner airflow.


Change your HVAC filters. Doing this is another task often neglected. You should really be doing it several times per year–technicians often recommend once per month. It helps you air stay clean and keeps your system running more efficiently. So, when you’re indoors a lot and running the air, keep those filters clean.


Call your HVAC service for a professional duct cleaning. Dust accumulates a lot in your air ducts. There are all sorts of allergens there that affect your air. A professional cleaning helps you manage all that dust, and a technician has better equipment and methods for getting your ducts clean.

Air Filtration

Have an air filtration system installed. There are additional systems you can have added to your HVAC unit. They complement your existing heater and AC system, and filter out particles that your normal filter misses. Some of them can catch microscopic allergens, and even bacteria.

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