What is the leading cause of fire outbreak in the United States? Heaters. Over 65,000 fires sprout up in homes across America when the heating equipment flares up or causes a nearby object to catch fire, leading to hundreds of untimely deaths and millions worth in property damage.

The Risk

Everyone wants a portable space heater for their home, but are they prepared to deal with the risks involved? Safety precautions are not optional when handling heating equipment – if you want you or your family to stay safe, that means avoiding fire or shock hazards by using the equipment the right way. Putting your heater near combustibles, improperly plugging them in, or leaving them near a water source are all dangerous ways to treat your heater, and we hope you follow this guide to stay warm and safe with a space heater this winter.

Here are a few necessary tips to help you get started:

  1. Ensure that your heater is labeled with a test recognizing that it has been approved by a testing laboratory
  2. Read any manufacturer instructions or warning labels before plugging in your space heater
  3. Check the loose connections or any broken plugs before using, and avoid using altogether if you see frayed, damaged or worn plugs
  4. Do not leave your heater unattended, but shut it off when leaving the room or falling asleep. Do not allow your children or any pets to play by the heater. Even a pet’s fur could catch fire or it can knock over the space heater, causing a carpet burn or rug fire.
  5. Make sure to have smoke alarms installed on each floor of the house and near every bedroom. Test the alarms once per month to make sure everything’s safe and sound.
  6. Place the space heaters where they can’t touch anything that could burn, such as papers, rugs, or clothing.
  7. Remove the space heaters from high-volume spots and any doorways where others may trip over them.
  8. Use a wall outlet; do not attempt to use extension cords or power strips that may overheat and break out into a fire. Don’t plug in any other devices in the outlet that you plug the heater into, either. Again, the whole goal is to avoid overheating.
  9. Heaters need to live on flat, level surfaces, but not on tables, cabinets, carpet, or furniture – a place that could overheat, resulting in a fire.
  10. Store and unplug the heater if the heater is not being used.

Space heaters may provide supplemental heat to your home or make the atmosphere cozy and warm, but safety should be your greatest concern when plugging one in. Imagine leaving a space heater in a wall outlet all night near a basket with some papers in it, and finding them catching on fire the next day. Do not use a space heater while you’re sleeping overnight unless absolutely necessary, and you’re sure the area is safe. If you follow these tips and keep a general attitude of caution when installing your space heater, you should be safe for the winter. But remember, always err on the side of more when dealing with safety issues, and you’ll have a wonderful winter season.

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