With the holidays coming up fast, the energy bill is about to take a hit. All the extra costs of shopping, hosting, traveling, and giving gifts during the holidays compound with the high energy bills heating up your home during the freezing chill of winter. For smart homeowners, here are a few handy tips from H&H Heating and Air to help you save money and be energy-efficient during this year’s holiday season.

Light with LED

You can save money on the cost of Christmas lighting by switching out incandescent lights with LED ones. LEDs use roughly 70% less energy than regular bulbs and are safe to touch even after prolonged periods of time since they aren’t made of filament or glass. LED bulbs also have longer staying power than regular bulbs, lasting up to 10 times longer than their incandescent counterparts.

Find a Rebate

When purchasing select holiday lights, look for rebates or coupons that allow you to save even more money during the holidays. Online shopping channels may list coupons or rebates that can help you get the discount you need, so check out your options to see if you have a coupon or rebate available immediately.

Use a Fiber Optic Tree

Nowadays, fiber optic Christmas trees shine bright as an alternative to hanging regular Christmas lights. Fiber optic trees use LED-efficient bulbs, which offer a similar appearance to a traditional tree while requiring less energy and clean-up time than the holidays are through.

Set a Lights Timer

One good, old-fashioned timer will cut your energy bills instantaneously. Using a timer will automatically turn on and off the power to your favorite Christmas decorations, like that giant lawn snowman outside that doesn’t need to be on 24/7, saving money on energy and only keeping the lights on when others will be able to enjoy them.

Limit Any Secondary Lighting

Brightly-lit Christmas trees only appear impressive if they generate the main lighting source in the room. Turning off the lights in any adjacent room makes it easier to enjoy the bright light emanating from the Christmas tree, saving energy in the process.

Get Your Heater Inspected for Energy Efficiency

Don’t forget to have your heater inspected for energy efficiency since a faulty heater will do more to expend energy this winter than you realize. Call a reputable company to come out and inspect, service, or maintain your HVAC unit. H&H Heating and Air is always available to help anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Find Decorating Alternatives

There’s also a way to decorate without using Christmas lights. Tinsel and ornaments have ornate, reflective properties that allow them to shine brightly without any help whatsoever. They shine at night as well as during the day, giving a magical quality to your home.

Add Candles

Candles create a calming, warm ambiance in the home, perfect for making memories to last a lifetime. Just remember to keep the candles away from pets and small children, and put them out before you fall asleep. Flameless candles are a non-fire hazard alternative to regular ones and can be just as classy without the mess of wax or threat of fabrics catching fire.

Wear Seasonal Clothing

It’s best to put on a beautiful winter wardrobe to wear inside the house rather than crank up the heat so that everyone at home can be content in shorts and t-shirts. Stay warm with blankets and get cozy for the holidays!

Get Energy-Free Decorations and Gifts

Believe it or not, there are energy-free ways to power your gifts and decorations. Battery-powered objects, for example, don’t require any energy at all. And garlands, bows, and wreaths are all beautiful energy-saving additions that are just as good as an extra strand of lights.

H&H Heating: Your Trusted Source for HVAC Inspection for the Holidays

This winter, H&H Heating and Air is here to provide the best in commercial and residential heating and air conditioning to the Dallas-Ft Worth area. H&H has been in the business for over 20 years, and we are renowned for treating all our customers like family with the level of respect and care they deserve. Let our team handle your HVAC work this holiday so you can enjoy a warm, cozy winter in your home!