How To Handle This Unfortunate Event In Your Air Ducts

If you’ve ever had an animal die in your air vents, you know just how sad, unpleasant, and inconvenient it can be. Usually heralded by a foul odor throughout the home, Most homeowners aren’t sure how to handle the situation. Today, we will give you some information on how to handle problems such as this one.

Find It

The first step is to locate the unfortunate creature. The smell is the best way to track it, and it could be in your ducts, or even your attic. If you are unable to find the exact spot, you may need to call a professional for assistance.

Remove  It

The next step is to take the animal out of your home. Keep in mind that many wild animals carry parasites as well as dangerous bacteria long after death, and protect yourself accordingly. Rubber gloves, garbage bags, disposable tongs or scoops will be a necessity. As soon as you have the carcass in the garbage bag, remove it from your home, and check your local laws to see how you are required to dispose of it.

Clean It

Now that the body has been removed from your home, thoroughly disinfect the area where you found it.  There will likely be a significant mess where you found it, so bring adequate supplies, including a mop, paper towels, and PLENTY of disinfectants.

Close It

The last step is to find out how the poor guy got in there. Check to see if any of your outdoor vents have been moved, and close them all as needed. For this, you will likely want to give us a call, and we can perform a thorough inspection to find any points of weakness.

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