Common Air Pollutants

picture of allergensSometimes we take our air quality for granted; it doesn’t take much for it to become polluted. Luckily, many service options from your trusted HVAC company can help you control what pollutants get into your house. Here, we’ve listed some of the contaminants you can avoid by calling H & H Heating & Air.

Cigarette Smoke:

Even if you smoke outside, tobacco smoke will cling to your clothes when you walk in. To avoid buildup of this pollutant, smoke 50-100 yards away from your residence.

Carbon Monoxide:

This byproduct of incomplete combustion has high levels of toxicity, but no odor or taste. Potentially, anything in your house that uses gas could leak carbon monoxide.


As with tobacco smoke, you can track allergens into your home when they latch on to your clothes and body. If your A/C system doesn’t filter them out, you could experience their effects.


If you want help ridding your home of these pollutants, H & H Heating & Air offers air purifier installation. To find out more about this and our other services, please give one of our team members a call at (972) 989-7419 for our Plano & Frisco location or at (972) 404-6822 for our McKinney location.