4 Ways to Keep Cool About Your Summer A/C Bill

a photo of a sweating womanDo your expensive cooling bills have you hot under the collar? The summer months can be a real budget-buster when you’re paying full price for your cooling bills. Luckily, there are things you can do that will help your house stay cooler, without spending so much energy. Here are four ways to keep your A/C bills lower in your home.

Consider your roof color. Have you noticed that dark clothes make you hotter in the summertime? That’s because black and other dark colors absorb heat. If you have a dark-colored roof, that roof will absorb the sun’s rays, making your house warmer. Light-colored or white roofs do the opposite: they reflect the sun’s rays away from your roof, so your home stays cooler.

Get a professional duct cleaner. Dirty ducts and air filters can actually make your air conditioner work harder, which wastes energy. If your ducts get a build-up of dust, dirt, hair, and pet dander, cool air won’t be able to push past them as efficiently. Your A/C unit will keep trying, using more energy along the way.

Find a special energy plan. There are some energy providers that will do average billing. This means that you pay a fixed amount every month, which is the average cost of your energy use over the past year. Some providers have plans where your payments can fluctuate, but you pay the cost of natural gas instead of electricity. Right now, natural gas is far cheaper.

Upgrade or replace your old unit. If your unit has been in use for 15 or more years, it could just be time for a replacement. If you do decide to replace it, ask a professional about the Energy Star seal. Energy Star products were designed to conserve energy and be friendly to the environment.

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