3 Reasons to Change Your Air Filters

Air Filters

Changing the Air Filters in Your Home Can Improve the Quality of Your Heating and Cooling Systems.

When it comes to maintaining the heating and cooling systems in your home, you might think that you need to schedule an appointment with a professional technician. While there are some jobs that require the expertise of a repair technician, you can drastically improve the functioning of your heater and air conditioner by changing the air filters. Once this is complete, contact the staff at H&H Heating and Air, LLC for all your heating and air conditioning repairs and maintenance.

Why Change Your Air Filters?

Changing your air filters is a very important part of keeping your heating and cooling systems in proper working condition. Here are three important reasons to change these filters on a regular basis.

Extend the Life of Your Systems
Your heating and cooling systems pull air from the rooms around them to heat and cool your home. If this air passes through a dirty filter, it can clog the motor or the fan and cause your systems to fail prematurely.

Lower Energy Costs
If your heater or air conditioner is pulling air through a dirty filter, it means that it is working harder to push hot or cold air through your home. Changing the air filters regularly can lower the amount of energy being used.

Improved Air Quality
If your air filters are dirty, the air that is being circulated through your home isn’t being filtered properly. This can increase the number of allergies in the air. Installing new filters will drastically improve your home’s air quality.

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