With a few little tips (and a good heating system), you can warm up your body temperature and keep the inside of your house toasty. Even though the weather outside may be frightful, that doesn’t mean you have to be. Here are 13 pro tips for keeping warm when it’s freezing outside.

Layer Up

The first step to a toasty, warm day is keeping your body temperature high enough. Putting on another layer of clothing can help you be eco-friendly and save you from turning up the heat.

 Put on a Hat

 Any surface you expose during cold weather is liable to lose body heat, and that includes a hatless head in winter. If your mom told you that you’d lose 80% of your body heat with an exposed head, that’s a myth – but you will lose body heat, and fast, if you don’t cover up.

Turn Your Ceiling Fan On

Running your fan on the lowest setting clockwise will push any warm air down to a spot where you can feel it. Warm air rises up, but turning on a ceiling fan at a low setting can help you get the warm air you need, down where you need it. 

Take Showers – Alternating Between Hot and Cold 

While a hot shower can get you warm in a hurry, cold showers actually improve your blood circulation in your skin and in your organs – a fun fact for those brave souls willing to give it a try! 

Block Incoming Drafts Using a Pool Noodle 

You can successfully keep the heat in and the cold out using a pool noodle cut in half, wrapped in fabric, and slid under the door. Not only will it remain there all winter long, but it can be re-used the next year. 

Get a Programmable Thermostat 

Staying warm on a schedule helps if you want to come home to a nice, toasty living room. Without it, you may arrive home to a house that’s colder inside than it is outside. 

Trick Your Thermostat 

If you put ice near the thermostat, you can “trick” it into thinking the room is cold, kicking on the heat. 

Put Heavy Clothes on Your Windows 

It’s best to put heavy fleece drapes or wool on your windows for winter, but leave them open on a sunny day to let in the heat. 

Baking Helps a House Heat Up 

When you turn on your oven, you’ll be heating up the whole home. Invite your friends over and bake dozens of cookies for a wonderful winter treat. 

Try Composting

 When organic material begins its microbial breakdown, it gives off heat. Some warm up their showers and their greenhouses with it, but studio apartment-renters can even feel the difference. 

Layer Covers 

Nice, fluffy blankets over the skin are better than at the top. Layer the covers on your bed from thickest to thinnest, with thin blankets preventing heat loss. It’s also advisable not to place your bed up against an exterior wall. Leave some space in between so you can be warmer in the winter months. 

DIY Warmers Raise Body Temperature 

Hand-made hand warmers are the best, and stuffing your pockets with them helps in winter. All you need are Ziploc bags, calcium chloride pellets (ice melt) from your hardware store, and water to make things work. 

Get Your Furnace Inspected 

Another pro tip for house warming is to get your furnace inspected and tuned up to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible. Call H&H Heating & Air, your local HVAC company, for an inspection that will help you get things in order and ready for winter! 

Heat Up the House with H&H Heating and Air 

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